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Each of our handmade philatelic covers are one of a limited edition,
of investment quality and are exclusive to Tilbury Editions.

Artists of WW1
Artists of WW1 FDC – Isle of Man WW1 issue of 19 February 2014 The first of a series of WW1 FDCs of artists begins with Captain Bruce Bairnsfather. 
Each of the limited edition of 100 covers contains a filler card with a short biography 
of Bairnsfather by author Lucinda Gosling. The stamps are cancelled with a bespoke 
postmark; ARTISTS OF WW1, FIRST DAY OF ISSUE, 19.02.14. DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN. Product code: TE0008 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE
Football Heroes – Barnes, Shankley, Keegan The Liverpool FC trio of John Barnes, scorer of that famous mazy dribble and goal for England against Brazil in 1984; Kevin Keegan, who partnered famously with John Toshack; and inspirational manager Bill Shankly. Product code: TE0003 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE Football Heroes – Banks, Greaves, Moore Cover three has World Cup greats Gordon Banks, remembered for his remarkable save from Pelé in Mexico, record Tottenham goalscorer Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Moore ‘Immaculate footballer, imperial defender, immortal hero of 1966… gentleman of all time’. Product code: TE0005 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE Football Heroes – Law, Best, Charlton A second cover shows the Manchester United ‘Trinity’ of Denis Law, George Best and Bobby Charlton who are also celebrated in a statue at Old Trafford. Product code: TE0004 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE Football Heroes Football Heroes – Robson, Charles, Mackay The fourth cover has Manchester United’s longest serving ‘Captain Marvel’, Bryan Robson; Welsh hero John Charles, with glittering careers at Leeds United and Juventus; and Dave Mackay member of the first double-winning Tottenham Hotspur side of 1961. Product code: TE0006 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE
Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens - Dog & Pot Southwark’s unique cultural and industrial heritage was celebrated with the inauguration on 6th February 2013 of a replica Dog and Pot sign on Blackfriars Road, Southwark at a landmark site familiar to Dickens. After working at Warren’s blacking factory at Hungerford Stairs near Charing Cross, the young Dickens would pass by as he made his way to his lodging in Lant Street – close to his family at the Marshalsea debtors’ prison. The idea of bringing the Dog and Pot back to Blackfriars Road was conceived by artist Jason Brooks who liaised with local historian Stephen Humphrey as part of the Charles Dickens bicentenary celebrations. A Warwickshire-based artist, Mike Painter, who has worked on Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster was commissioned to re-produce a carving made of seasoned elm. The existing wooden dog, possibly originating from an inn, was removed from an ironmonger’s shop on the site in 1932. Tilbury Editions produced a limited edition cover to commemorate this event, complete with explanatory filler card. Product code: TE0001 £8.95 FREE UK POSTAGE

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